Division III Credits Transcript

Frank- Darell Everett & Richard Ballon
Ray- Gershon Eigner
Landlord- Tom Smith
Nurse- Cooper Handy Written and Directed by DC Poropat

Edited: DC Poropat
Cinematography: Ben Farber
Lighting: James Birtwistle and John Marty
Sound: Luke Lanza Lucas Ospina Cray Novak John Marty Matt Bernier

Production Manager: John Marty
Production Assistant: Shira Gitlin

Makeup: Darell Everett and Ben Floss

Executive Producers: Cynthia Cowgill, Bruce Poropat, and Kathy Poropat


"Harbored Gardens Theme"- written and produced by Dylan Burton "Drone Gardens"- written and produced by Dylan Burton

"(((Machines)))"- produced by Popular Silence "Pulsator"- produced by Popular Silence


Special Thanks:
Abraham Ravett, Kane Stewart, Baba Hillman, Zac Teller Jonah Fried, Maisie Kaiser, Ethan Hendrick, Ben Cowper, Annabel Levy, Mods 79 and 53 (F14/ S15), Olde House, DarkWorld, Zack Alliger, Zach Hart, Amos Leblanc, Marry Jane Dean, NCTV, Those in the Division III Seminar courses of F14 and S15

Additional Thanks:
To the following people for your generous support, which without, this project could not and would not have come to fruition:
Kathy Poropat, Cynthia Cowgill, Bruce Poropat, Dylan Burton, Ruth Lewis, Imogen Poropat, Kathleen Moss, Eileen Albrigo, Quinn Grodzins, Katherine White, Jean White, Nikolaus Koetsch, Mark Miletich


No animals were harmed in the making of this production This Production was produced utilizing community media at Northampton Community Television